Play to practise your times-table from 1-12 and have fun at the same time. Practice in three different game modes and collect points to purchase skins and powerups as you become more familiar and confident with your times-table.

  • ✔ Select Multiples - Choose all the minions that are a multiple of the target number.
  • ✔ Select Pair - Choose the 2 minions that multiply to the target number.
  • ✔ Solve Equation - *BONUS* Practice your add/subtract skills by selecting the minion that solves the problem.

With 3 game-modes for practice and over 20 collectables, no ads, Math Masher is a no fuss and fun way to help you master your times-table.

Everything collectable is free by earning points in game. No money required, no charges, let children play at ease and become comfortable with arithmetic.